8 01, 2014

Fall 2013 Graduation

By | 2014-01-08T21:45:07+00:00 January 8th, 2014|Relational Ministry|

Love INC is pleased to announce another graduating class from Relational Ministry!  13 participants officially completed our year-long program on Nov. 21st. Through courses on money management, organization, nutrition, and Christianity, the grads have grown exponentially in their financial fitness, physical health, and spiritual/emotional wellness. A special thanks to all of our participants for a great year of learning and growth!

1 01, 2014

Thanksgiving in the Shelter

By | 2014-01-01T21:42:08+00:00 January 1st, 2014|Shelter|

Many of the women staying at the Love INC women’s shelter were able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year with friends and family, but for one family and a returning guest, there weren't many available options for them. Love INC brainstormed a way to find them a place to spend Thanksgiving and with the financial support of one member of the community, was able to provide them with a Thanksgiving meal out at Izzy’s! Every lady staying in the shelter, we are happy to report, had a cozy Thanksgiving meal shared with close family and friends. VERSE: “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34