God Restores

//God Restores

God Restores

“Mitchell” was a former high-end chef whose cocaine addiction had landed him in the streets of Seattle for many years.  Recently he found his way to Helping Hands in Newberg after a brief stay at Blanchet Farms recovery program in Carlton, Oregon.

He shared in his intake interview with Love INC that disobedience to God had caused his past, but that he was a new creation in Christ.  He was full of confidence that God was going to restore the years he had wasted on drugs.

Mitchell’s confidence in God came out in his conversations with us.  He expressed overflowing gratitude as we provided him with brand new clothing that a volunteer had donated.  While we could not provide a free bicycle that same day, he assured us that his transportation issue would work itself out.

Sure enough, later that week he reported back to us that a generous man had given him a street legal dirt bike.

With nothing but the Spirit of God guiding him and God’s people lending a helping hand, Mitchell is living a purposeful life again to the glory of God.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”- Mark 11:24

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