29 10, 2014

Blessing in Disguise

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On October 1st the Newberg Community Shelter was reopened!  It has been a long and difficult process getting to this point, but God has been faithful and we are moving forward with overwhelming community support.  If we hadn’t had these trying circumstances we might not have been able to witness such an amazing display of God’s grace at work in our community. We’ve seen His healing in the abatement of bedbugs, His generous provision in financial and material donations, His wisdom in developing new shelter processes, His impeccable timing with the hiring of our dedicated new Shelter Coordinator, and His abundant love and protection for the women who were temporarily displaced during the renovations. As of October 7th, three women are living in the shelter.  Please pray that these women experience the transforming power of Christ as we invest more deeply in their lives. “For You have tried us, O God; You have refined us as silver is refined.”- Psalm 66:10

22 10, 2014

Pretty in Pink

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Last week our Wednesday receptionist, Terri, called one of our Hispanic clients to let her know that she could come in and get one of our smaller bikes with training wheels for her son.  The client ended up coming in with her younger daughter, who was brought along in order to try the bike on for size. Once in our garage, the little girl honed in on an even smaller pink bike that we hadn’t found a home for yet.  Terri couldn’t say no to the little girl’s newfound attachment and gave both bikes away to the family.  Terri reported back to us that it made her day to watch her ride it down the sidewalk to their car. “After all, [God]’s famous for great and unexpected acts; there’s no end to his surprises.” – Job 5:9

15 10, 2014

In it for the Long Haul

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After a much needed summer break, Relational Ministry is back in action this fall, welcoming to the program 12 new participants and all 22 returnees from spring term. Love INC is encouraged to see so many clients remaining committed to one of the most powerful aspects of fulfilling our mission. The new participants are journeying through a Biblical approach to money management with Todd Hall, a local financial advisor.  Clients who are in route to graduate are receiving quality health advice from Karla McMellon, Certified Nutritional Therapist from the McMellon Center for Nutrition.  So far, both classes have really enjoyed the challenging material and are excited to begin applying the truths that they are learning into their daily lives. “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”- Proverbs 16:3

8 10, 2014

Sacred Mundane

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A high volume of phone calls are made and/or received in the process of scheduling Love INC dental clinics.  These calls can become quite burdensome for even the most motivated volunteer. On average, upwards of 100 calls are made once confirmation, cancellation, and reminder calls are factored in. Conversations like the one a volunteer had with “Stephen,” remind us that every call is valuable to our clients. “Stephen,” fresh off a tooth extraction, took time out of his day to call and express his gratitude to us for always being apt with our reminder calls. “If it hadn’t been for your reminder I would have forgotten about my appointment. I couldn’t have afforded to miss this opportunity. God bless you!” “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”- 1 Corinthians 15:58

1 10, 2014

The Gift of Labor

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Brian Russo and his youth group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania visited Oregon on a mission trip this month and lent their hands to Love INC clients with various service projects.  They were an immense help, as evidenced by the following comments we received from the people they served: “In the course of the day the students accidentally broke my shovel handle while they were digging in my yard.  Brian wanted to know where the local ACE store was so he could buy me a new one.  I said that it was not necessary!  However, during the day he slipped off and bought a new shovel, hand trimmer and four weed digging tools.  They left all of that with me as a gift.  I was so blown away!” - “Gracie” “The group of eight students that came to my house were amazing, helping me and my husband.  They had our wheelchair porch stained, our wood pile area organized, and our back yard ‘disaster’ whipped into shape. The highlight was having the pathway to our wood pile improved so my husband could more easily make his way out there. Words cannot express what this has meant.” - “Lori” “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”- Hebrews 13:16