January Update

Dear Love INC Community,

One of my favorite Christian artists is JJ Heller. She and her husband Dave write beautiful songs about the difficulties of this life and the goodness of God amidst the hardships.  Last year (2015), they wrote a song called This Year on New Year’s Day. On a whim, they videoed themselves singing it and posted it to YouTube and Facebook. The simple little video of this husband and wife singing in their own home went viral. Over a million people viewed it within the first eighteen hours it was posted!

This year (2016), the official music video started floating around the web, and as I listened to this song again I was taken by how closely the lyrics were connected to the Love INC mission to mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities. It really struck a chord with me (pun absolutely intended!)  The second verse says it this way:



Changing our thinking from “what’s in it for me?” to “what does the community need?” is truly the key to experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised us. Numbness is the antithesis of the Christian life.  Our scripture is full of rejoicing and lament. We praise and we cry out, but we do not wander through life in a state of lukewarm numbness.  We are a people who respond to need because we care deeply about the “us and we.”

This was so evident as 2015 came to a close and the Love INC staff and Board of Directors cried out to you for help. We published our needs in our monthly update, on Facebook and in print.  We asked you to help us provide essential supplies to our clients and the community poured out a blessing we could never have imagined! Needed household and hygiene products for our non-food pantry flooded our offices. Gas cards and PGE cards so critical to the well-being of so many came in.  We received clothing, scarves, gloves and hats that our clients need to weather this cold season.  Pots and pans were delivered to the Kitchen Set-Up Ministry at 2nd Street Church, stacks and stacks of toilet paper and paper towels were donated to the Non Food Pantry at C3 Newberg and many towels were given to the Linen Closet at St. Peter Parish.


But, we were most amazed at God’s faithfulness to stir your hearts to help us meet our end-of-year financial crunch.  We are careful not to spend money we do not have and when our bank account gets low, the staff and volunteers see the direct impact of denying services to our clients.  It is very discouraging not to be able to meet an important need because the funds are simply not available.

At the beginning of 2015 the Board of Directors approved a budget for living into our mission. At the beginning of December we were far from meeting that budget. We sent out a year-end letter asking for support and began to pray and pray and pray.  God provided through your generosity and we were able to meet that budget! The Love INC community provided over $60,000 of financial support in just one month!

The chorus of the song This Year calls us to fight a good fight and train our eyes to see the Light of Jesus. Because of your generosity and commitment to joining with others in the mission of Love INC, we will be fighting poverty and hopelessness in 2016 in ways we absolutely could not without your partnership.  Thank you!

We invite you to enjoy the video This Year and pray it inspires you to keep looking for the light as you fight the good fight of seeking the Kingdom in 2016.

Serving together,

Jodi Hansen, Executive Director

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