25 02, 2016

March Update

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What is your greatest desire?  To be rich?   Is it to travel?  To find love?  Is it to unleash that amazing talent inside of you to be the best “you” there could be?     I don’t know about you, but it seems we have a great desire and need to be known. Yes, to be known & loved by both man and God!  Strangely, with all of the social media we use, it’s very easy to feel alone in this world. God had a better plan for us and one of the beautiful gifts from God is our community of Christians that we get to visit with each week.Typically, when you go to church, you’re going to find a place full of smiles and kind words. Granted, most people have probably had somebody say something hurtful at church. I remember when I was a teen just learning to use makeup, I likely went a little overboard with the eye shadow one Sunday and one of the older men made some snarky comment about it. Okay, we’re human. We can be really stupid, mean or clueless sometimes. However, most people at church are loving and kind.   If you need a hug you can bet you can find one at church. Another great way to be “known” is to use your talents and skills. I suspect that you have talents, skills and ideas that you haven’t shared with anybody. Perhaps you use them “at work” but didn't think that the Christian community [...]

25 02, 2016

Greenhouse for People in Need

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One of our George Fox University interns, Samantha Read, shared this story of her involvement at Joan Austin Elementary School. Check it out: "I remember as a child being consumed with ideals of play dates with friends, playing make-believe in my room with a collection of costumes and toys, and thoughts about someday becoming famous. At Joan Austin Elementary School in Newberg, some children are differing from the thoughts I once had in childhood and are opening their eyes to the needs of their community as 4th and 5th graders. And it’s empowering to witness. Lora and I, current social work students and interns from George Fox University, spent close to an hour at Joan Austin Elementary with student members of the “K-Kids” club. K-kids is a part of the Key Club International Organization and a part of the Kiwanis. This equips students to start serving their local community at an early age and empowers them that age cannot define the ability or quality of service. After sharing a bit about the heart of what Love INC does in the Newberg community, the kids were given free space to share their own ideas of how they could get involved. Some ideas being thrown around included a clothes drive, car washes, and even raising funds to create a greenhouse space next to our Clearinghouse for clients coming in with food needs. The greenhouse would function in partnership with the clearinghouse so clients could pick fresh fruits and veggies while receiving other [...]

3 02, 2016

February Update

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When I was young, sending and collecting valentines was a big event.  I would painstakingly sort my boxed valentines into categories and match them to my classmates accordingly…the cutest ones for my friends, the most romantic one for the boy I secretly liked (would he guess?), the plainer ones for those I didn’t know so well, and that “special” card in the box---the very best Valentine---reserved for my best friend.  The next morning at school, my class was given time to place our valentines into the hand-decorated boxes of each of our classmates.  And at the end of the day, we could take our boxes home, where I would dump out the contents and begin the exciting process of opening them to see who liked me and who liked me. The desire to be liked is pretty powerful.  We were created with the need for acceptance and unconditional love and when we don’t receive it, we wither inside.  Often, people who find themselves in crises or compromised situations are people who simply want to be liked and accepted and have done things to get people to like them, usually at the expense of their own well-being, reputation, finances or character. At Love INC, we don’t want to be just another organization that offers hand-outs.  We want to be a place that offers love.  We strive to see every client as an individual with value.  We want them to know that they matter to us and we care about their situation.  [...]