The Power of God to Restore

Eight years ago a couple in our church took in a tiny infant that belonged to two teenage parents. The baby’s daddy worked for the man in our church and the baby’s mommy (“Danielle”) abandoned him. Every so often, the mommy would come back to town and on occasion she would visit her baby. She never stayed more than a few days.

The couple in our church stayed in contact with her over the eight years that she was away. They prayed for her and shared the gospel with her. They took her baby to church.

Eight years passed and one day Danielle, now in her 20’s, called the couple in our church and said she was at rock bottom and she was willing to do anything to get her life on track. The couple asked my husband and I what to do, and we said to give Love INC a call. The couple brought her to the office for an interview, and immediately action was taken to get her in a stable home at the shelter.

The couple brought her to church, and she observed cautiously, even fearfully, at first. She said she has never met so many caring people in her life. After being loved and accepted by strangers and hearing how Jesus loved her and wanted the best for her life, she found herself at the altar in tears, giving her broken life to Jesus to heal and repair.

A month later she was water-baptized and attending a life group for women. She is involved in her son’s life again. The couple in our church are functioning in a support role, mentoring her and even parenting her in a loving, restorative way. The church has provided her with new friends who will build her up and not damage her, and she is learning to trust God and trust others. She has been clean for the longest time in her life since doing drugs and alcohol.

There is much more healing that needs to take place, but Danielle is a living testimony about the power of God to restore. He began a great work in her life, and He will be faithful to complete it!


Karyn Wells

Clearinghouse Volunteer, Love INC Board Member

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