5 12, 2016

December Update

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“Put your boots on, everyone, and grab a jacket! We’re going to cut down our Christmas tree!” We pile into the car and head for the hills, driving up the winding roads that lead to the top of the mountain where our favorite tree farm is located. We tromp through the narrow paths between fragrant firs, searching for the perfect tree. When everyone is finally in agreement, we all take turns with the saw and then we carry our tree down the hill, tie it to the roof of the car, and merrily take it home to decorate. To set the scene for the evening’s festivities, we make sure there is a crackling fire, Christmas music playing, and hot chocolate to fuel the decorating frenzy.  By bedtime, the tree is sparkling, the halls are decked, the stockings hung, and the windows lit.  Our house is ready...let the holidays begin! And then the Lord interjects, “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this House remains a ruin?” (Haggai 1:4). “What do you mean, Lord?” I pray in my heart, looking over the pretty scene in my cozy, paneled house.  Sitting down by the warm glow of the Christmas tree, I open my Bible and read about the Lord’s House.  It wasn’t being given the same attention as the people’s personal homes.  They were too busy in their own pursuits and pleasures to notice the neglect.  The Lord gently chides us, “Give careful thought [...]