Journeying Together

Kara started volunteering at Love INC last summer with the goal of gaining experience in social work. She had the heart to serve as an intake volunteer, and yet, did so much more behind the scenes.

She volunteered her time Tuesday through Thursday, anywhere from 9 to noon, to serve those in the Newberg community. Financially, however, her and her husband were in need at the time.

The staff at Love INC were beyond grateful for all the help she was able to offer, but their hearts ached with hers whenever financial hardship was brought up.

While she was volunteering at Love INC, the staff was collectively able to serve her just a bit in return by giving feedback on her resume, and encouraging her in her dreams to further pursue social work. She eventually wants to go to graduate school to become a marriage & family counselor.

Last month she was hired by Yamhill County Health and Human Services to serve as an on-call relief staff member! Kara is on her way to gaining more valuable experience and working a flexible schedule to lessen the burdens on her and her husband. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Join us in praying for Kara as she continues her journey as a servant for the Lord in all that she does.

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