24 04, 2018

I Felt Like I Was Saved – Dawn’s Graduation From the TLP

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When we first met “Dawn,” her life was unstable and chaotic. She was staying at friend’s houses or hotels while trying to find a job to keep her and her children’s lives afloat. When she had to give her children up to the foster care system, she knew it was time to get some help. Once Dawn was admitted into the Transitional Living Program (TLP), she felt immediate relief. Melanie, the Transitional Living Coach, was able to give her realistic goals to be able to get her back on her feet again. “I didn’t have anybody to help me before, Melanie gave me hope. I had a sense of purpose.” Dawn, Melanie and Kim during one of their regular meetings When Melanie saw Dawn’s drive to not only get her life back on track but to regain custody of her children, she knew exactly who would be the best mentor for Dawn. Kim has a similar story and has been successfully living on her own with her children since leaving the shelter almost three years earlier. With Melanie and Kim by her side, in just six months Dawn was able to find and keep a job, save enough money to move into her own house and is well on her way to getting her kids back. Praise God! When asked how her relationship with God was before and after her time in the TLP, “I was kind of close to God, but now I’m reading my Bible more [...]

20 04, 2018

Saying Goodbye

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We were so sad to say goodbye to the Resident Managers at the shelter! We are so grateful for the time Katelyn and Miranda have devoted to the women participating in the Transitional Living Program. They have sacrificed a lot to live in the shelter and be a positive Christian influence on the women. We pray as they move on to their next adventures that they remain devoted to the Lord and use what they have learned in this position to continue to serve with loving hearts and minds. God bless you!!

8 01, 2018

NYE Treat for the Shelter Guests!

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When Charlotte and Cameron found out that their night to provide a meal at the shelter was happening on New Year's Eve, they decided to go all out! Cameron is a gourmet cook, so they gave the guests a night to remember. Here's what Charlotte had to say: "It went off without a hitch! Cameron & I dressed in our chef's aprons and set the table with a tablecloth, cloth place mats and candles, and we served a five course dinner with each course served separately. We also had sparkling cider in champagne glasses. It seemed to go really well and everyone enjoyed it. It was a great New Year's Eve with the ladies!"

26 12, 2017

Connecting Hope

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It is part of the mission of the Newberg Community Shelter to connect the women experiencing homelessness with organizations in the community who can help them. When we got this note from an employee at Goodwill Job Connection, we had to share it: "I just want to say Thank you for all you do. I have seen the gals [in the shelter] come to me just hopeless and depressed and to see where they are now is just amazing! They are full of faith and hope. I really appreciate you referring these great gals over to me and I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past several months! Again, Thank you for all you do to make a difference in their lives." “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”—1 John 4:12

11 09, 2017

The Hillside Inn is Now a Gap Ministry!

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As access to affordable housing has continued to be a top need in the Newberg community Love INC has been engaged in conversations with local churches over the past several months about what specifically they can be doing to help. We are excited to announce that Hillside Fellowship is the second church, in what we hope will be many more to come, to partner with us to address housing needs. They focus exclusively on the 18-30 year-old young adults in our community who need a place to “rest, heal and grow.” Their transitional program, Hillside Inn, has been operating similarly to the Love INC shelter and so it is a natural fit for us to begin collaborating deeper with one another. Hillside Inn will serve as a referral for Love INC clients and Hillside guests will have better access to Love INC services and resources. Together, we will be continuing to do our part to provide housing opportunities for young adults and single women in the community through a Christian environment. As Hillside has come on board we have received a generous financial donation from Northside Community Church to strengthen both existing shelter services. Red Hills Church also continues to provide the Love INC shelter’s house free of charge! Pastor Jeff Getsinger (Northside) and Pastor Shane Crawford (C3) have been working closely with Heath Placek (Love INC ED) in the larger vision of our initiative which is to see other churches meet the unaddressed areas of homelessness in Newberg. Stay [...]

14 08, 2017

This Place Saved My Life!

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When Maggie first entered the Newberg Community Shelter, she felt lost. “My mother had just passed away and she was my whole purpose. I didn’t know how I was going to survive. I really felt like doing harm to myself. I felt like I wasn’t worth living.” But God had been with Maggie step-by-step through a difficult divorce, losing custody of her daughter, and eventually the death of her mother. Now through the shelter she had an opportunity to get back on track. Signing the check for her first month's rent! “Even in the darkest and lowest of times, this place saved my life. There was always a tiny little seed that said you are better than this, and that was God.” Though the first time Maggie left the shelter resulted in her moving back, it was another life lesson that prepared her for the journey. This time she was able to accomplish the tasks our Transitional Living Coach, Melanie Harrison, had assigned and participate in other programs to help her succeed. “Maggie has been a blessing to me, she went above and beyond what we asked of her in her individual success plan,” commented Harrison. Recently, Maggie secured a new apartment! While working with YCAP, they were able to provide Maggie’s security deposit. Recognizing her hard work, a team from Newberg Christian Fellowship volunteered to help her move and capped the day off with a celebratory meal from Pogy’s. “I didn’t even know how to talk to [...]

2 08, 2017

Connections to Bless

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One of our shelter guests recently had her car break down, which has deterred her from going on job interviews and attending appointments throughout the community. Vocational Rehab partnered with Love INC and connected her with Precision Auto to do the repairs. They completed the work and even gave us a great deal! “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8

22 02, 2017

If It Were Not For God… I Would Not Be Here Today!

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“My life has been transformed,” “Lenore” volunteers, as we position ourselves on her new couch to hear her story. “Only God could have made the transformation in my life! Serving the Lord is my purpose in life.” Lenore had just signed a rental agreement for her first apartment in many years after working through the Newberg Community Shelter (transitional living program) for the past year and three months. She had to walk though several volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, counseling appointments and repayments to creditors to reach this point. “Daily life is still a challenge but so much better than before. I enjoy my job at the cabinet factory to which I commute daily on my trusty bike. I have many friends, participate in a local church, I assist my family in their needs and I encourage others to use the resources Love INC and the local churches provide.” “What is the reason for my recovery…? Two words: Love INC! My life was a wreck, multiple marriages, three years in prison, bad relationships, drinking and drugs. My life was off to a really bad start in every way. I can’t begin to tell you the misery of my life at that time. Several years ago, I looked for help to Love INC to live in their women’s shelter, but I didn’t obey the guidelines and was soon out on the street sleeping in my car.” In her desperate situation, Lenore turned a second time to Love INC to request to live [...]

8 02, 2017

A Bridge to a New Life

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Norma never though it would happen to her... “I was a successful data processor, earning a great salary when suddenly it all stopped! I lost my job of 23 years and had nowhere to turn!” There were many challenges in Norma’s life; her parents were atheists, but honest people and encouraged their children to attend church and live a life with honest principles. Although married several times, Norma never found support in a husband, but was encouraged early in the Christian walk by her step-mother. In her shock of job loss and nowhere to turn, Norma survived for a period of time as a live-in housekeeper and cook for the elderly and eventually found herself in Newberg, Oregon. She came in contact with a Love INC staff member who invited her to move into the shelter as a place to get her life back to a meaningful existence. “The Love INC Shelter experience saved my life. I found new life spiritually emotionally and physically... plus I was counseled toward the next stage in my life. Through the direction of the Love INC staff, I became a licensed massage therapist, was employed as a driver for the local bus company, located a home (Love INC paid the down payment) and moved from the Shelter to a new life experience and hope. Now I can serve others...I am a weekly host at the Love INC Shelter, I’m member of a local church in which I produce the weekly media power points and [...]

25 01, 2017

Restored Hope and Direction

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“The Love INC Shelter has been a sanctuary for me... I thank God every day that I have found this place and that my life is being restored. I have endured a lifetime [of] suffering beyond imagination!” Married at the age of fifteen, for more than thirty years Sally suffered at the hands of three abusive marriages, four children with challenging physical and criminal problems, extended periods of homelessness, living on limited financial resources with a lifetime of “how could this happen to anyone?” stories. One of Sally’s most life threatening experiences occurred when one of her ex-husbands found Sally and her children, who were in hiding because of his threats, forced them into his car and headed toward a river with bad intentions. Sally was able to overpower her ex-husband and rescued the situation. In Sally’s words: “[The] Love INC Shelter has been a refuge for me. The staff and resources have rescued and restored my life by giving me second chances, providing food and shelter, providing vocational and life coaching, and encouraging and guiding my spiritual life. My experience at Love INC has restored hope and provided direction to a fulfilling life.” Sally currently is preparing to move from the women’s shelter to her own home and beginning a productive life. She ministers and encourages the other ladies in the shelter and her dream is to someday speak to young people to guide them away from the type of live she has endured. “The Love INC staff rescued [...]